7/10--Doctoral Consortium
7/11-12--Workshops and Tutorials
Saturday 13th8.15-8.30Opening Remarks
8.30-9.30Invited talk: Anca Dragan
9.40-10.401a: Classical Planning
Chair: Sheila McIllraith
1b: Planetary Exploration
Chair: Mark Johnston
Theoretical Foundations for Structural Symmetries of Lifted PDDL Tasks · Silvan Sievers, Gabriele Röger, Martin Wehrle and Michael Katz · [EXTRA-1]Robust Operations Management on Mars · Michael Saint-Guillain · [EXTRA-2]
Relaxed BDDs: An Admissible Heuristic for Delete-Free Planning Based on a Discrete Relaxation · Margarita Castro, Chiara Piacentini, Andre Augusto Cire and Chris Beck · [EXTRA-1]Temporal Brittleness Analysis of Task Networks for Planetary Rovers · Tiago Vaquero, Steve Chien, Jagriti Agrawal, Wayne Chi and Terrance Huntsberger · [EXTRA-2]
Planning with Global State Constraints and State-Dependent Action Costs · Franc Ivankovic, Patrik Haslum and Dan Gordon · Short PaperMars On-site Shared Analytics, Information, and Computing · Joshua Vander Hook, Tiago Stegun Vaquero, Federico Rossi, Martina Troesch, Marc Sanchez-Net, Joshua Schoolcraft, Jean-Pierre de la Croix and Steve Chien · [EXTRA-2]
Advanced Factoring Strategies for Decoupled Search using Linear Programming · Frederik Schmitt, Daniel Gnad and Joerg Hoffmann · Short Paper · · [EXTRA-2]
10.40-11.00Coffee break
11.00-12.302a: Probabilistic Planning I
Chair: Florent Teichteil-Koenigsbuch
2b: LTL & Temporal Planning
Chair: Patrik Haslum
Robust Bayes-Adaptive Planning under Model Uncertainty · Apoorva Sharma, James Harrison, Matthew Tsao and Marco Pavone · [EXTRA-1]Planning under LTL Environment Specifications · Benjamin Aminof, Giuseppe De Giacomo, Aniello Murano and Sasha Rubin · [EXTRA-2]
POMHDP: Search-based Belief Space Planning using Multiple Heuristics · Sung-Kyun Kim, Oren Salzman and Maxim Likhachev · [EXTRA-1]Learning Interpretable Models Expressed in Linear Temporal Logic · Alberto Camacho and Sheila A. McIlraith · [EXTRA-2]
An Exact Algorithm to make a Trade-off between Cost and Probability in SSPs · Valdinei Freire, Karina Valdivia Delgado and Willy Arthur Silva Reis · [EXTRA-1]Towards a Unified View of AI Planning and Reactive Synthesis · Alberto Camacho, Meghyn Bienvenu and Sheila A. McIlraith · [EXTRA-2]
Discovery of Optimal Solution Horizons in Non-Stationary Markov Decision Processes with Unbounded Rewards · Grigory Neustroev, Mathijs de Weerdt and Remco Verzijlbergh · [EXTRA-1]Replanning for Situated Robots · Michael Cashmore, Andrew Coles, Bence Cserna, Erez Karpas, Daniele Magazzeni and Wheeler Ruml · [EXTRA-2]
· · [EXTRA-1]Temporal Planning as Refinement-Based Model Checking · Alexander Heinz, Martin Wehrle, Sergiy Bogomolov, Daniele Magazzeni, Marius Greitschus and Andreas Podelski · Short Paper
14.00-15.303a: Search
Chair: Erez Karpas
3b: Reinforcement Learning
Chair: Alan Fern
On the Pathological Search Behavior of Distributed Greedy Best First Search · Ryo Kuroiwa and Alex Fukunaga · [EXTRA-1]Foundations for Restraining Bolts: Reinforcement Learning with LTLf/LDLf restraining specifications · Giuseppe De Giacomo, Marco Favorito, Luca Iocchi and Fabio Patrizi · [EXTRA-2]
Symbolic Planning with Axioms · David Speck, Florian Geißer, Robert Mattmüller and Álvaro Torralba · [EXTRA-1]Deep Policies for Width-Based Planning in Pixel Domains · Miquel Junyent, Anders Jonsson and Vicenç Gómez · [EXTRA-2]
Bridging the Gap Between Abstractions and Critical-Path Heuristics via Hypergraphs · Marcel Steinmetz and Álvaro Torralba · [EXTRA-1]Resource Constrained Deep Reinforcement Learning · Abhinav Bhatia, Pradeep Varakantham and Akshat Kumar · [EXTRA-2]
T-REX: SAT-based Tree Exploration for Efficient and High-Quality HTN Planning · Dominik Schreiber, Tomáš Balyo, Damien Pellier and Humbert Fiorino · [EXTRA-1]Learning Classical Planning Strategies with Policy Gradient · Pawel Gomoluch, Dalal Alrajeh and Alessandra Russo · [EXTRA-2]
Solving Graph Problems in Euclidean Space Using FastMap · Jiaoyang Li, Ariel Felner, Sven Koenig and T. K. Satish Kumar · Short PaperSize-Independent Neural Transfer for RDDL Planning · Sankalp Garg, Aniket Bajpai and Mausam · Short Paper
15.30-15.50Coffee break
15.50-17.404a & 5a: Invited Industry Session
Chair: Siddharth Srivastava
4b: Hybrid Planning & Algorithm Selection (15.50-16.30)
Chair: Pascal Bercher
Large Scale Analysis of Satellite Imagery and Other Geospatial Data · James Crawford (Orbital Insight) · [EXTRA-1]Combined time and energy optimal trajectory planning with quadratic drag for mixed discrete-continuous task planning · Ayal Taitler, Ilya Ioslovich, Per-Olof Gutman and Erez Karpas · Journal Paper
Planning for Transportation Influence and Other Problems · Matthew Klenk (PARC) · [EXTRA-1]Algorithm Selection in Optimization and Application to Angry Birds · Shahaf S. Shperberg, Avinoam Yehezkel and Solomon Eyal Shimony · [EXTRA-2]
Towards Safe and Explainable Autonomy · Richa Varma (United Technologies Research Center) · [EXTRA-1]5b: Complexity (16.40-17.40)
Chair: Malte Helmert · [EXTRA-2]
Planning for the Innumerable, Unanticipated, and Assisted · Stefan Witwicki (Alliance Innovation Lab Silicon Valley, Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi) · [EXTRA-1]Eliminating Redundant Actions in Partially Ordered Plans -- A Complexity Analysis · Conny Olz and Pascal Bercher · [EXTRA-2]
Balancing Search and Optimization in a Self-Driving Car · Omer Baror (Waymo) · [EXTRA-1]On Computational Complexity of Automorphism Groups in Classical Planning · Alexander Shleyfman · [EXTRA-2]
High-level decision making and planning using large-scale data · Sammy Omari (Lyft) · [EXTRA-1]On the Relation between Star-Topology Decoupling and Petri Net Unfolding · Daniel Gnad and Joerg Hoffmann · [EXTRA-2]
18.00-20.00Poster and Demo Session
Session A
Desk 1LatRec: Recognizing Goals in Latent Space · Leonardo Rosa Amado, Ramon Fraga Pereira, João Paulo Aires, Maurício Cecílio Magnaguagno, Gabriel Paludo Licks, Roger Leitzke Granada and Felipe Meneguzzi
Desk 2Learning and Recognition of Planning Models · Diego Aineto García, Sergio Jimenez Celorrio, Eva Onaindia and Miquel Ramírez
Desk 3TGE-viz : Mixed Initiative Plan Visualization · Sriram Gopalakrishnan and Subbarao Kambhampati
Desk 4Multi-Agent Path Finding on Real Robots · Roman Barták, Ivan Krasičenko and Jiří Švancara
Desk 5Safe Intention-Aware Maneuvering of Autonomous Vehicles · Xin Huang, Sungkweon Hong, Andreas Hofmann and Brian Williams
Desk 6Reinforcement Learning Based Querying in Camera Networks for Efficient Target Tracking · Anil Sharma, Saket Anand and Sanjit Kaul
Desk 7Towards Automating Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) Analysis to Predict Burglary · Simon Parkinson and Leanne Monchuk
Desk 8Foundations for Restraining Bolts - Demonstration · Marco Favorito, Giuseppe De Giacomo, Luca Iocchi and Fabio Patrizi
Desk 9From a Classroom to an Industry / From PDDL “Hello World” to Debugging a Planning Problem · Jan Dolejsi, Derek Long, Maria Fox and Christian Muise
Desk 10Optimizing Parameters for Uncertain Execution and Robustness for a Planetary Rover · Wayne Chi, Jagriti Agrawal and Steve Chien
Desk 11Planimation · Gang Chen, Yi Ding, Hugo Edwards, Chong Hin Chau, Sai Hou, Grace Johnson, Mohammed Sharukh Syed, Haoyuan Tang, Yue Wu, Ye Yan, Gil Tidhar and Nir Lipovetzky
Session B
Desk 1Develop, Visualize and Test Classical Planning descriptions in your browser · Maurício Cecílio Magnaguagno, Ramon Fraga Pereira, Martin Duarte Móre and Felipe Meneguzzi
Desk 2Error Tolerant Anytime Approach for Plan Recognition · Jean Massardi, Mathieu Gravel and Eric Beaudry
Desk 3MAi: An Interface for Declarative Specification of Goal-Directed Dialogue Agents · Tathagata Chakraborti, Christian Muise, Shubham Agarwal, Luis Lastras and Yasaman Khazaeni
Desk 4Speeding Up Search-based Motion Planning Via Conservative Heuristics · Ishani Chatterjee, Maxim Likhachev, Ashwin Khadke and Manuela Veloso
Desk 5Responsive Planning and Recognition for Closed-Loop Interaction · Richard Freedman, Yi Ren Fung, Roman Ganchin and Shlomo Zilberstein
Desk 6AIRLAPS: an AI toolbox for Reinforcement Learning, Planning and Scheduling · Alexandre Arnold, Gérard Dupont, Florian Geisser, Charles Gretton, Guillaume Povéda, Olivier Régnier-Coudert, Florent Teichteil-Königsbuch, Sylvie Thiébaux and Felipe Werndl Trevizan
Desk 7ZAC: A Zone pAth Construction Approach for Effective Real-Time Ridesharing · Meghna Lowalekar, Pradeep Varakantham and Patrick Jaillet
Desk 8On-line POMDP Planning Toolkit · Marcus Hoerger, Hanna Kurniawati and Alberto Elfes
Desk 9Demonstration for Mars On-site Shared Analytics Information and Computing · Joshua Vander Hook, Tiago Stegun Vaquero, Federico Rossi, Martina Troesch, Marc Sanchez-Net, Joshua Schoolcraft, Jean-Pierre de La Croix and Steve Chien
Desk 10Using Rescheduling and Flexible Execution to Address Uncertainty in Execution Duration for a Planetary Rover · Jagriti Agrawal, Wayne Chi and Steve Chien
Sunday 14th8.30-9.30Invited talk: J. Christopher Beck
9.40-10.406a: Multi-Agent Planning
Chair: Tathagata Chakraborti
6b: Knowledge Engineering and Execution
Chair: Daniele Magazzini
Best-First Width Search for Multi Agent Privacy-preserving Planning · Alfonso E. Gerevini, Nir Lipovetzky, Francesco Percassi, Alessandro Saetti and Ivan Serina · [EXTRA-1]PLASP 3: Towards Effective ASP Planning · Yannis Dimopoulos, Martin Gebser, Patrick Lühne, Javier Romero and Torsten Schaub · Journal Paper
A Factored Approach to Contingent Multi-Agent Planning · Shashank Shekhar, Ronen Brafman and Guy Shani · [EXTRA-1]On Compiling Away PDDL3 Qualitative Preferences without Using Automata · Francesco Percassi and Alfonso Emilio Gerevini · [EXTRA-2]
Privacy Leakage of Search-based Multi-Agent Planning Algorithms · Michal Štolba, Daniel Fišer and Antonín Komenda · [EXTRA-1]Goal Reasoning in a CLIPS-based Executive for Integrated Planning and Execution · Tim Niemueller, Till Hofmann and Gerhard Lakemeyer · [EXTRA-2]
10.40-11.00Coffee break
11.00-12.307a: Optimal & Oversubscription Planning
Chair: Joerg Hoffman
7b: Scheduling under Uncertainty
Chair: Steve Chien
Subset Saturated Cost Partitioning for Optimal Classical Planning · Jendrik Seipp and Malte Helmert · [EXTRA-1]Tabu-Based Large Neighbourhood Search for Time/Sequence-Dependent Scheduling Problems with Time Windows · Lei He, Mathijs de Weerdt and Neil Yorke-Smith · [EXTRA-2]
Counterexample-Guided Abstraction Refinement for Pattern Selection in Optimal Classical Planning · Alexander Rovner, Silvan Sievers and Malte Helmert · Short PaperQuantifying Degrees of Controllability in Temporal Networks with Uncertainty · Shyan Akmal, Savana Ammons, Maggie Li and Jim Boerkoel · Honorable Mention - Best Student Paper Award
An Empirical Study of Perfect Potential Heuristics · Augusto B. Corrêa and Florian Pommerening · Short PaperPropagating Piecewise-Linear Weights in Temporal Networks · Luke Hunsberger and Roberto Posenato · [EXTRA-2]
Lagrangian Decomposition for Optimal Cost Partitioning · Florian Pommerening, Gabriele Röger, Malte Helmert, Hadrien Cambazard, Louis-Martin Rousseau and Domenico Salvagnin · Best Paper AwardMeasuring and Optimizing Durability Against Scheduling Disturbances · Joon Lee, Vivaswat Ojha and Jim Boerkoel · Short Paper
Oversubscription Planning as Classical Planning with Multiple Cost Functions · Michael Katz, Emil Keyder, Florian Pommerening and Dominik Winterer · [EXTRA-1]Reducing the Computational and Communication Overhead of Robust Agent Rescheduling · Jordan Abrahams, William Lloyd, Grace Diehl, Marina Knittel, Judy Lin, David Chu, Jeremy Frank and Jim Boerkoel · [EXTRA-2]
14.00-15.308a: Recognition, Goal and Model Reasoning
Chair: Mark Roberts
8b: Applications I
Chair: Paolo Traverso
Foundations of Human-Aware Planning – A Tale of Three Models · Tathagata Chakraborti · Honorable Mention - Best Dissertation AwardZAC: A Zone pAth Construction Approach for Effective Real Time Ride Sharing · Meghna Lowalekar, Pradeep Varakantham and Patrick Jaillet · UTRC Best Application Paper
Model Recognition as Planning · Diego Aineto, Sergio Jiménez, Eva Onaindia and Miquel Ramírez · [EXTRA-1]Reinforcement Learning Based Querying in Camera Networks for Efficient Target Tracking · Anil Sharma, Saket Anand and Sanjit Kaul · [EXTRA-2]
Explicability? Legibility? Predictability? Transparency? Privacy? Security? The Emerging Landscape of Interpretable Robot Behavior · Tathagata Chakraborti, Anagha Kulkarni, Sarath Sreedharan, David Smith and Subbarao Kambhampati · [EXTRA-1]Optimizing Parameters for Uncertain Execution and Rescheduling Robustness · Wayne Chi, Jagriti Agrawal and Steve Chien · [EXTRA-2]
Efficient Heuristic Search for Optimal Environment Redesign · Sarah Keren, Luis Pineda, Avigdor Gal, Erez Karpas and Shlomo Zilberstein · [EXTRA-1]Front delineation and tracking with multiple underwater vehicles · Andrew Branch, Mar M. Flexas, Brian Claus, Andrew F. Thompson, Yanwu Zhang, Evan B. Clark, Steve Chien, David M. Fratantoni, James C. Kinsey, Brett Hobson, Brian Kieft and Francisco P. Chavez · Journal Paper
Finding Centroids and Minimum Covering States in Planning · Alberto Pozanco, Yolanda E-Martín, Susana Fernández and Daniel Borrajo · Short Paper · · [EXTRA-2]
15.30-15.50Coffee break
15.50-16.309a: Recognition II
Chair: Sarah Keren
9b: Robotics I
Chair: Alberto Finzi
Landmark-Enhanced Heuristics for Goal Recognition in Incomplete Domain Models · Ramon Fraga Pereira, André Grahl Pereira and Felipe Meneguzzi · [EXTRA-1]POMDP-based Candy Server: Lessons Learned from a Seven Day Demo · Marcus Hoerger, Joshua Mun Liang Song, Hanna Kurniawati and Alberto Elfes · [EXTRA-2]
Error-Tolerant Anytime Approach for Plan Recognition using a Particle Filter · Jean Massardi, Mathieu Gravel and Éric Beaudry · [EXTRA-1]Trajectory Tracking Control for Robotic Vehicles using Counterexample Guided Training of Neural Networks · Arthur Claviere, Souradeep Dutta and Sriram Sankaranarayanan · [EXTRA-2]
16.40-18.30Awards Session & Community Meeting
Monday 15th8.30-9.30Invited talk: Derek Long
9.40-10.4010a: Probabilistic Planning II
Chair: Florent TeichTeil-Koenigsbuch
10b: Applications II
Chair: Sara Bernardini
Online Risk-Bounded Motion Planning for Autonomous Vehicles in Dynamic Environments · Xin Huang, Sungkweon Hong, Andreas Hofmann and Brian Williams · [EXTRA-1]Towards Automating Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) Analysis to Predict Burglary · Leanne Monchuk, Simon Parkinson and James Kitchen · [EXTRA-2]
A theoretical and algorithmic analysis of configurable MDPs · Rui Silva, Gabriele Farina, Francisco S. Melo and Manuela Veloso · [EXTRA-1]The Clustered Dial-a-Ride Problem · Fabian Feitsch and Sabine Storandt · [EXTRA-2]
Stochastic Planning with Lifted Symbolic Trajectory Optimization · Hao Cui, Thomas Keller and Roni Khardon · [EXTRA-1]Mixed Integer Programming versus Evolutionary Computation for Optimizing a Hard Real-World Staff Assignment Problem · Jannik Peters, Daniel Stephan, Isabel Amon, Hans Gawendowicz, Julius Lischeid, Lennart Salabarria, Jonas Umland, Felix Werner, Martin S. Krejca, Ralf Rothenberger, Timo Kötzing and Tobias Friedrich · [EXTRA-2]
10.40-11.00Coffee break
11.00-12.3011a: Learning
Chair: Alan Fern
11b: Constraint Reasoning and OR
Chair: Jeremy Frank
Towards Stable Symbol Grounding with Zero-Suppressed State AutoEncoder · Masataro Asai and Hiroshi Kajino · [EXTRA-1]Learning Scheduling Models from Event Data · Arik Senderovich, Kyle E. C. Booth and J. Christopher Beck · [EXTRA-2]
Unsupervised Grounding of Plannable First-Order Logic Representation from Images · Masataro Asai · [EXTRA-1]Efficiently Exploring Ordering Problems through Conflict-directed Search · Jingkai Chen, Cheng Fang, David Wang, Andrew Wang and Brian Williams · [EXTRA-2]
Fast Feature Selection for Linear Value Function Approximation · Bahram Behzadian, Soheil Gharatappeh and Marek Petrik · [EXTRA-1]Analysis of Backward Sequence in Cluster Tools with Processing Time Variations · Jun-Ho Lee and Hyun-Jung Kim · Short Paper
Maximum Entropy based Independent Learning in Anonymous Multi-Agent Settings · Tanvi Verma, Pradeep Varakantham and Hoong Chuin Lau · [EXTRA-1]An MDD-based Lagrangian Approach to the Multi-Commodity Pickup-and-Delivery TSP · Margarita Castro, Andre Augusto Cire and Chris Beck · Journal Paper
· · [EXTRA-1]A stochastic dual dynamic integer programming for the uncapacitated lot-sizing problem with uncertain demand and costs · Franco Quezada, Céline Gicquel and Safia Kedad-Sidhoum · [EXTRA-2]
14.00-15.3012a: Path and Motion Planning
Chair: Sven Koenig
12b: Robotics II
Chair: Alberto Finzi
Implicitly Coordinated Multi-Agent Path Finding under Destination Uncertainty: Success Guarantees and Computational Complexity · Bernhard Nebel, Thomas Bolander, Thorsten Engesser and Robert Mattmüller · Journal PaperOpen-world Reasoning for Service Robots · Yuqian Jiang, Nick Walker, Justin Hart and Peter Stone · [EXTRA-2]
Lazy CBS: Implict Conflict-Based Search Using Lazy Clause Generation · Graeme Gange, Daniel Harabor and Peter J. Stuckey · [EXTRA-1]Intruder Alert! Optimization Models for Solving the Mobile Robot Graph-Clear Problem · Michael Morin, Margarita Castro, Kyle Booth and Chris Beck · Journal Paper
Improving the Combination of JPS and Geometric Containers · Yue Hu, Long Qin, Quanjun Yin, Daniel Harabor and Cong Hu · Short PaperProvable Infinite-Horizon Real-Time Planning for Repetitive Tasks · Fahad Islam, Oren Salzman and Maxim Likhachev · [EXTRA-2]
Learning Heuristic for Mobile Robot Path Planning Using Deep Neural Network · Takeshi Takahashi, He Sun, Dong Tian and Yebin Wang · [EXTRA-1]Speeding Up Search-based Motion Planning via Conservative Heuristics · Ishani Chatterjee, Maxim Likhachev, Ashwin Khadke and Manuela Veloso · Short Paper
Generalized Lazy Search for Robot Motion Planning: Interleaving Search and Edge Evaluations via Event-based Toggles · Aditya Mandalika, Sanjiban Choudhury, Oren Salzman and Siddhartha Srinivasa · Best Student Paper AwardAn Hierarchical Approach to Active Semantic Mapping Using Probabilistic Logic and Information Reward POMDP · Tiago Veiga, Miguel Silva, Rodrigo Ventura and Pedro U. Lima · [EXTRA-2]
15.30-15.50Coffee break
15.50-16.3013a: Path Planning
Chair: Roman Bartak
13b: Transportation Scheduling
Chair: Eva Onaindia
Cutting the Size of Compressed Path Databases With Wildcards and Redundant Symbols · Mattia Chiari, Shizhe Zhao, Adi Botea, Alfonso Gerevini, Daniel Harabor, Alessandro Saetti, Matteo Salvetti and Peter J. Stuckey · [EXTRA-1]Approximate Gradient Descent Convergence Dynamics for Adaptive Control on Heterogeneous Networks · Jean Carpentier and Sebastien Blandin · [EXTRA-2]
Disjoint Splitting for Conflict-Based Search for Multi-Agent Path Finding · Jiaoyang Li, Daniel Harabor, Peter Stuckey, Ariel Felner, Hang Ma and Sven Koenig · Short PaperUsing Bi-Directional Information Exchange to Improve Decentralized Schedule-Driven Traffic Control · Hsu-Chieh Hu and Stephen Smith · [EXTRA-2]
A Multi-Label A* Algorithm for Multi-Agent Pathfinding · Florian Grenouilleau, Willem-Jan van Hoeve and J. N. Hooker · Short Paper · · [EXTRA-2]
16.40-17.4014a: Applications III
Chair: Sara Bernardini
14b: Hybrid Planning
Chair: Christopher Beck
Exact Methods for Extended Rotating Workforce Scheduling Problems · Lucas Kletzander, Nysret Musliu, Johannes Gärtner, Werner Schafhauser and Thomas Krennwallner · [EXTRA-1]A Logical Semantics for PDDL+ · Vitaliy Batusov and Mikhail Soutchanski · [EXTRA-2]
Solution Approaches for an Automotive Paint Shop Scheduling Problem · Felix Winter, Emir Demirović, Nysret Musliu and Christoph Mrkvicka · [EXTRA-1]Mixed Discrete Continuous Non-Linear Planning Through Piecewise Linear Approximation · Elad Denenberg and Amanda Coles · [EXTRA-2]
Personalized Medication and Activity Planning in PDDL+ · Fares K. Alaboud and Andrew Coles · [EXTRA-1]Cyber-Physical Planning: Deliberation for Hybrid Systems with a Continuous Numeric State · Arthur Bit-Monnot, Luca Pulina and Armando Tacchella · [EXTRA-2]
End of Conference