The Scheduling and Planning Applications woRKshop (SPARK)

Collocated with ICAPS 2019 in Berkeley, USA.


Time Program
0900-0912 Workshop Open
  Session 1: Aerospace Applications
0912-0924 Constraint Integer Program Formulations for NASA Planning, Scheduling, and Autonomy Problems [pdf]
Richard Levinson
0924-0936 Automated Science Scheduling for the ECOSTRESS Mission [pdf]
Amruta Yelamanchili, Steve Chien, Alan Moy, Elly Shao, Michael Tro
wbridge, Kerry Cawse-Nicholson, Jordan Padams, Dana Freeborn
0936-0948 Autonomous Scheduling of Agile Spacecraft Constellations with Delay Tolerant Networking for Reactive Imaging [pdf]
Sreeja Nag, Alan S. Li, Vinay Ravindra, Marc Sanchez Net, Kar-Ming Cheung, Rod Lammers, Brian Bledsoe
0948-1000 Scheduling with Complex Consumptive Resources for a Planetary Rover [pdf]
Wayne Chi, Steve Chien, Jagriti Agrawal
1000-1030 Session 1 Discussion
1030-1100 Coffee Break / Posters
  Session 2: Tutorial
1100-1230 Tutorial: P&S Approaches for Urban Traffic Control
1230-1400 Lunch Break
  Session 3: Planning & Scheduling with Preferences
1400-1412 Privacy-aware Adaptive Scheduling for Coalition Operations [pdf]
Karen L. Myers, Tom Lee, Laura Tam, Jose Manuel Calderon Trilla, Ben Davis, Stephen Magill
1412-1424 Planning and Scheduling for Cooperative Concurrent Agents with Different Qualifications in the Domain of Home Health Care Management [pdf]
Colja A. Becker, Ingo J. Timm
1424-1436 Learning-based Preference Prediction for Constrained Multi-Criteria Path-Planning [pdf]
Kevin Osanlou, Christophe Guettier, Andrei Bursuc, Tristan Cazenave, Eric Jacopin
1436-1448 The Value of Incorporating Social Preferences in Dynamic Ridesharing [pdf]
Saisubramanian, Sandhya and Basich, Connor and Zilberstein, Shlomo and Goldman, Claudia
1448-1500 A Capacited Vehicle Routing and Scheduling Problem for Passengers: A Modelling and Solution Approach [pdf]
Sergio Ferrer, Miguel A. Salido, Adriana Giret, Federico Barber
1500-1530 Session 3 Discussion
1530-1600 Coffee Break / Posters
  Session 4: Automated Reasoning in Real Domains
1600-1612 Enabling Limited Resource-Bounded Disjunction in Scheduling [pdf]
Jagriti Agrawal, Wayne Chi, Steve Chien, Gregg Rabideau, Stephen Khun, Daniel Gaines
1612-1624 Quantum Circuit Compilation: An Emerging Application for Automated Reasoning [pdf]
Davide Venturelli, Minh Do, Bryan O'Gorman, Jeremy Frank, Eleanor Rieffel, Kyle E. C. Booth, Thanh Nguyen, Parvathi Narayan, Sasha Nanda
1624-1636 Advantages and Challenges of Using AI Planning in Cloud Migration [pdf]
Hongtan Sun, Maja Vukovic, John Rofrano, Chen Lin
1636-1648 Evaluating the Cost of Employing LPs and STPs in Planning: Lessons Learned From Large Real-Life Domains [pdf]
Elad Denenberg, Amanda Coles, Derek Long
1648-1718 Session 4 Discussion
1718-1730 Workshop Close