Workshop on the International Planning Competition (WIPC)

Collocated with ICAPS 2019 in Berkeley, USA.

The International Planning Competition (IPC) is held every few years in the context of ICAPS. It empirically evaluates state-of-the-art planning systems on a number of benchmark problems. The goals of the IPC are to promote planning research, highlight challenges in the planning community and provide new and interesting problems as benchmarks for future research. The IPC has an important role in the ICAPS community, being a forum to compare different algorithmic ideas and implementations, and setting standards for research and evaluation in the area.

Similar to the lineage of IPC workshops organised at ICAPS 2003, 2007, 2012, and 2015 this workshop aims to review the current status of the IPC, analyze the results of the last IPC (2018), and provide a venue for discussing aspects that will be helpful for preparing forthcoming competitions.

The proceedings of the workshop are available here

Session 1: Interpreting Results
10:30 Coffee Break
Session 2: Metrics and Portfolios
12:30 Lunch Break
Session 3: Rules and Tracks
Topics include, but need not be limited to: We encourage submissions in three formats. All submissions should be accompanied by a paper in AAAI style (see instructions at In all tracks you can chose the length of your submission freely between 1-8 pages + one page for references. Please choose a length appropriate for the format of your submission. As suggested by the list of topics, we encourage the submission of position papers as well as other submissions that do not fit the mold of a typical conference paper. Paper Submissions should be made through OpenReview. The review process will be single blind for reviewers and double blind for the general public. All reviews will be made public via the OpenReview system.